Unicorn Colour Changing Kids Raincoat


Unicorn Colour changing kids raincoat. Yes you read that right, this kids raincoat changes colour in the rain!

Watch the unicorn design burst into colour when coming into contact with water, returning back to the original white once dry.

The perfect solution for rainy days and muddy puddles! These fun and magical colour changing raincoats are made with a high-quality super soft breathable and waterproof recycled polyester outer fabric that will keep your little ones dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Our girls raincoats are not only practical but also feature our unique colour changing technology that guarantees a magical experience each time it rains. This feature will make your kids excited to wear their raincoat and makes rainy days so much more fun!

So why settle for a boring kids raincoat when you can have one that changes colour in the rain! This kids raincoat has matching boots and umbrella.


Size & fit:

Our model Evelyn is 4 years old, 115cm tall and wears age 5/6 raincoat.

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